I know that I'm going to get wrecked for talking about a national-chain pizza restaurant showing up in Connecticut: Home of The Best Pizza in the United States of America, but I don't care damnit. I grew up eating it, and I loved it. So, my fellow Midwestern/Western transplants - Godfather's Pizza is finally available in Connecticut.

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There is only one Godfather's Pizza in Connecticut, I found out that it's been open for a while now in Ellington at the Love's Travel Stop off of Exit 71 on I-84. You are lucky UConn Storrs students, you are so close to cheesy perfection.

When I tell people that I partially grew up in Oklahoma, they think that I grew up on a rural farm eating flapjacks from the griddle with a side of grits. Nope, I was eating at Waffle House in 1976, and back then Godfather's and Mazzio's Pizza were the bomb. I loved Pizza Hut too, but Godfather's Pizza was my favorite.

I have to give credit to the truck stops of Connecticut, you are the only glimmer of anything Southern or Midwestern USA in the Land of Yankees. The TA Travel Center in Southington was the first Popeye's location that I remember in Connecticut. Now,  Love's Travel Stops first Connecticut location, at 3 Polster Road in Ellington, is the first Godfather's Pizza Express in our state. Love's - Ellington also has a Subway, but Connecticut already has too many of our favorite local hero.

I'm sure most of you will take a bite of Godfather's Pizza and say something like "El Presidente would give this a 4.0" or "This tastes like Modern's leftovers", but I can't wait to stop and have a slice of my childhood this Summer.

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