I feel an incredible kindred spirit with the women in my life. Even though the feeling is there everyday, it's nice to have a special day to celebrate.

Of course you say the word girlfriend, and most people think, men and women, girlfriend / boyfriend. Then of course men panic and think, wtf, I forgot to buy a gift.

Relax men, you're off the hook.This one is totally about women and friendship and sisterhood.

As social media grew, so did networking and empowerment across the country among "sisterhoods" if you will. The Days of the Year Calendar marks August 1 as Girlfriends Day, but it notes that it's unclear exactly how it came about. That said, it's always important to celebrate your girls.

I'm an only child. Growing up I realized very early on that strong, lasting, positive relationships with my girlfriends would, in numerous instances, be more important in my life, than actual family members. Honestly my girlfriends know more about me than my family, they keep my deep secrets, don't judge, and bring the love unconditionally. Often they bring food and booze, will hold my hand through my drama, and there's no blowback.

It's awesome to have a "day", but I say the celebration of your girls should know no end.

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