Are you a huge Gilmore Girls fan? Admit it, it's ok. I know many that are here in Connecticut. You giggle every time they mention Naugatuck on the show too, right? Gilmore Girls should be our Official TV show.

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Don't you want to live in Stars Hollow? See one of Kirk's films? Shop at Doose's Market? Attend Yale? Hear the Whiffenpoofs sing? Make Luke's daughter April suddenly move away, never to be seen or heard from again?

You can experience one of those soon, in Danbury.

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If you've ever driven through Washington Depot expecting Stars Hollow, you've probably been disappointed. Yeah, television embellishes a bit. There's a Stars Hollow Yarns in New Preston, and a couple of organized fan festivals here over the years, but if someone travels to Connecticut to experience the world that Amy Sherman-Palladino created, it's kind of impossible.

Not on December 11, 2022 though. On that Sunday, you can be like a Gilmore, or at least experience a wonderful real world character on the show. The Yale Whiffenpoofs, a legitimate Connecticut treasure, are coming to The Palace Theater in Danbury for a matinee holiday concert. Every time I read the word Whiffenpoof, I read it in Richard or Emily Gilmore's voice.

According to, those were actual 'Whiffs" on the show. Group members were flown out to the Gilmore Girls set in California, and they were also offered an appearance on 'The West Wing' around the same time.

I'll never be Richard Gilmore, but I can feel like him for a moment while enjoying that beautiful music.

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