Gilbert Gottfried was the famous voice of the animated bird "Iago" in Disney's original Aladdin movie. Disney is now promoting their live action version of the film, and we wanted to know if Gilbert got a call to be a part of it. Here's how that conversation went:

No call from Disney? No free tickets to the Broadway show? What's a guy gotta do? Gilbert is an amazing talent and I am a true fan. He slaughters crowds when he does stand up comedy. What amazes me though, is that people who DON'T know his stand up know him as one of two birds. They either know him as "Iago" or the Aflac duck.

If you have never seen Gilbert, you are not living your best life. You can fix that tomorrow night, Saturday, March 2. It's a Treehouse Comedy Production at Bistro B in Wesport, CT. The show starts at 7:00 PM and doors open at 6:00 PM.

If you are busy tomorrow, go see him next weekend, Saturday, March 9. This, again is a Treehouse Comedy Production at Bobby V's in Windsor Locks, CT.

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