Are you one of those lazy bones that doesn't pick up after your dog lays down a nice piece of poopy sausage? Pick it up, your dog's DNA might give you away.


News that seems to be capturing everyone's attention is playing out now in Brookfield. According to numerous reports, residents of the Oak Meadows condo complex in Brookfield are raising a stink because their homeowner's association is going to require dog owners to submit a chunk of their dog's scat for DNA testing. It seems like there's someone in their complex that doesn't clean up after their pup, and the other owners are sick of it.

Did you know that your dog could be identified by DNA testing on a piece of it's crap? I sure did, we've been administering these same DNA tests at our complex in Torrington for almost 2 years. I can tell you from experience, it works.

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Two years ago, someone wasn't picking up poop in our complex, spies were everywhere, watching every dog do their business. Still, no one could identify the mystery slob. Finally, our management company presented us with this solution: Every dog owner had to submit a sample of their dog's poop to be DNA tested. If a piece of crap was left behind, it would be tested, and the lazy owner would then be fined for future offenses.

For the first couple of months that the DNA tests were happening, an occasional leftover would appear. The first few $50 fines went out shortly afterwards, and the poop stopped. Since 2022? We occasionally have a lingering turd in the icy, snowy Winters, but the threat of a $50-100-150 fine tacked onto your mortgage payment turns out to be quite a deterrent.

Get used to it Connecticut, doggy DNA testing works.

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