I drive in to work between 4:30 and 5 AM during the week, and this morning along I-84 West, I was driving right towards our beautiful moon, which was just over the Western horizon. It's going to be even more spectacular this weekend.

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Why is it called the 'Snow Moon' in February? According to almanac.com, it's a simple explanation. February is typically the snowiest month across the United States, and the combination of a full moon's glow at night just radiates that much brighter being lit from below by gleaming snow.

There are alternative names for February's snow moon also, according to almanac.com, and they seem cooler. The Bald Eagle Moon, Black Bear Moon, Racoon Moon, and of course, the Groundhog Moon have all been used by various Native American tribes.

When is the best time this Sunday to check it out? Well, the moon is going to be at peak illumination starting around 1:30 PM this Sunday, February 5, 2023. You won't be able to see it because it's going to be under the horizon, so get out there during the early morning hours, or wait until it gets a bit later on Sunday afternoon. Look for the Snow Moon to the East.

It's funny, even after all of these years, I still can't get Tom Cullen from Stephen King's The Stand's catchphrase out of my mind. Every time I write the word moon, I spell it out in my head like 'm-o-o-n, that's spells moon'. Damn you Mr. King.

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