Not gonna lie, this one ranks way up there in my many annoyed driving moments.

I know I'm not the only driver out there that is taken aback by the often stupid moves of people around me. You know that the habits of drivers often make me crazy. I've written numerous times about Connecticut drivers breaking the law.

With that said, I see something else on a regular basis during my commute that boggles my mind.

Sunglasses are a dime a dozen. You can pay a lot, or very little for them. Hell, you can even sometimes get them for free. So even if you are addicted to your expensive designer shades, you can pretty easily leave a few cheapo ones somewhere in your ride.

Why then, I ponder, angrily I might add, do I see, from behind my sun-glassed eyes, people driving directly into the sun with their car visor down, sans sunglasses?

Or, worse yet, visor up, one hand on the steering wheel, while their other hand is acting as a visor, shielding their eyes from the blazing, blinding, sunlight. Not good people. Dangerous in every way possible. I just don't understand.

Paying attention while you drive should be more important. Not being distracted by your phone is a given. Being able to see as clearly as possible, in my mind, ranks way up there too.

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