Just when you thought this Winter couldn't get any weirder, along come Frost Quakes.

Some Connecticut residents reported hearing "explosive sounds" overnight Sunday, according to a report on NBC Connecticut. The unsettling sounds are a result of the rapid freeze that happened Sunday afternoon. Temperatures plummeted from the upper 30s and low 40s down to the single digits in a matter of several hours, causing the ground to freeze quickly and cracks to develop.

According to the website Frostquake.org, this phenomenon frequently happens when the ground is already saturated with water, which made our area a perfect spot given all of the rain we've had.

As temperatures begin dropping with the approach of the cold weather months, in many parts of the world a rare, natural phenomenon may begin to occur. Characterized by sudden, loud rumbling or “booms” accompanied by ground shaking, it often leaves those who have experienced it confused, or even badly frightened.

The quakes are very localized, to the point where they can be felt and heard at one house, and another house in the neighborhood won't hear or feel a thing. So, if you felt something and your neighbor didn't, you're not going crazy. Although after a few more strange weather events this year, we might all be.

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