Did you know that Connecticut is among the Top 10 in the US when it comes to producing maple syrup? I've always loved the taste, and there are so many different products that you can make with it.

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Now that the weather is turning colder, and the seasonal pumpkin spice taste is everywhere, I find I like the taste of Maple better than an orange colored latte. Maple is so warm, such a pleasing woodsy taste. I went shopping last weekend with the intent of buying every Connecticut-made maple product I could find. Here are my four favorites out of the 11 that I tried.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Stosh's Kettle Corn. Made in Brookfield. You can find it in Washington Market, Fresh Market, New Morning, Stop & Shop, Cracker Barrel, Whole Foods, and Piggly Wiggly in New York. The maple balance is perfect, not too sweet, and Mrs. Large and I housed the whole bag very quickly.

My next favorite Connecticut-Made Maple item was a bag of Maple Farmhouse Coffee from Lamothe's Sugar House in Burlington. Now, I have to say that the coffee itself isn't from Connecticut, Lamothe's sends their syrup to Chicago where their syrup is mixed at the last stage of roasting, but the result is delicious.

Photo by Large Dave

Oh Arethusa, I love your products so. My ride home through Bantam is a delight because I get to smell those delicious waffle cones as I wait at that damn traffic light in front of you. Arethusa's Maple Walnut ice cream is seasonal, and incredible. Honestly I think they make the best ice cream in the world, as well as Connecticut.

The last Connecticut-Made Maple item that I would highly recommend is the Maple Bourbon Bacon from Torrington's The Nutmeg Fudge Company. They create their fudge in small batches, so check ahead of time if there is some available, but wow, it's a delicious treat.

Who needs pumpkin spice when you have Connecticut maple?

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