Four kids ages 10 to 14 are reportedly in big trouble after an evening of joyriding.

On Monday, July 15, a Fairfield man called the police to report his car had been stolen even though he had taken his keys and locked his doors.

Around 20 minutes after calling in his report, Fairfield dispatch reported their phones were lighting up with reports of the missing vehicle being spotted traveling south on Brewster St. in Bridgeport and it was crashing into other vehicles.

Fairfield and Bridgeport police cruisers then say they found the stolen vehicle at the end of Water St., while another eyewitness claimed to have seen the four juveniles high-tailing it down an adjacent street.

Bridgeport police were finally able to round up the four kids on Harbor Ave, but the eyewitness wasn't able to identify any of the four as the driver or the occupants.

This is a developing story and we'll be sure to keep you updated as more information rolls in.

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