Mark Boughton is no longer the Mayor of Danbury since taking a job as the Tax Commissioner for the State of CT. It does not mean he's without his opinions and he joined the Ethan and Lou Show Friday (1/8/21) to share them.

We asked the Mayor if the President incited the riot in D.C. Here's what he had to say:

"Absolutely, yes. OK, he has no business even going to that kind of rally. He should have, he has every right to follow the legal process through, if he thinks somehow he's been cheated, the courts are the avenue to do that.

He has been rejected at every court. At some point he should have stood up in the last couple of weeks and said, listen, I lost this election fair and square. Sure, there's a certain amount of problems with every election, but it wouldn't have been enough to overturn the results and therefore I congratulate Joe Biden, wish him the best and we'll work to have a peaceful transition of power.

That's what he should have done. Instead, he goes to this rally with these maniacs and he cranks them to the next level. And, the other thing is that, his unbridled texting, tweeting and Facebook posts and all that stuff it releases the worst instincts in people.

Because of that, he's fanning the flames. you know, they had already put the sticks to the fire down in Washington and the President showed up, poured gasoline on it and lit the match and this is what happened and it's awful."

Full interview below

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