If you want a sneak preview of what's going to happen when legalized cannabis products are widely available in Connecticut later this year, look at what's happening in Massachusetts right now.

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Retail cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts now offer home delivery of their products, there's a huge cannabis conventions coming to Boston, and you can even attend classes on how to roll proper joints in Great Barrington this week.

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We're slowly getting there in Connecticut, the State just announced in the past two weeks that they're accepting applications for those who wish to be a 'Micro-cultivator' of cannabis products, and they're also accepting applications from those who wish to operate adult-use retail establishments too.

But Massachusetts is way ahead of us, for example, this President's week (Feb 21-25, 2022) Rebelle, a dispensary located at 783 South Main Street in nearby Great Barrington, Massachusetts is offering joint rolling classes every night. Advertised as "appropriate for all skill levels, where you'll learn the basics of rolling up in a relaxed and laid back environment."

If your joint rolling skills are on point, maybe you need The New England Cannabis Convention which is taking place March 18-20, 2022 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. What can you expect there? Here's a video of their convention in 2019 -

Can you imagine this event at the XL Center in Hartford? Or Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport? Not yet in Connecticut though, the first 'cannabis convention' on a local level that I've heard around here was taking place at a warehouse in Hamden on the weekends, it's called High Bazaar and as soon as local officials smelled skunk, it's been shut down and the organizers were told by a judge to find another location, according to the New Haven Register.

It's coming, be patient.

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