Waterbury has really taken infrastructure improvements seriously. Development is everywhere, the recent $4 million dollar Brownfield Grant will clean up the former Anaconda American Brass site on Freight Street, the newly redesigned Mattatuck Museum is stunning, the gorgeous landscaping that has been done around the Silas Bronson Library, plus all the new streets that have opened up between the train station, Freight Street, and the Colonial Plaza have truly breathed new life into downtown.

Just last Friday, it was Harry Potter Day in Waterbury, and I saw all sorts of social media posts from people enjoying the performers, and the merchandise they were selling. Waterbury Mayor Neil O'Leary made a couple of announcements this week through social media about an upcoming local artisans event at the Mattatuck Museum, and a weekly Food Truck event, both happen this weekend.


First up, tomorrow, Friday August 6, 2021 is the first of 15 planned "Food Truck Fridays", where assorted food trucks from Know Good Market will line up along Bank and Grand Streets in downtown, between 11AM and 2PM. The events page doesn't list the names of the food trucks, or what type of food they will be selling, but from past event pictures on Know Good Market's social media page, I'd expect tacos, burritos, burgers, hot dogs, churros, chicken, and a bunch of your favorite street foods. This is the first of 15 planned Food Truck Fridays, the schedule has them occurring every Friday, right up into the beginning of November 2021. I'm guessing that a bunch of Attorneys, and city and courthouse employees, are psyched for this.


The other announcement that Mayor O'Leary made is the first Cross Currents Artisan Market will happen Saturday August 7, 2021, at the Mattatuck Museum. According to the article, a wide variety of local fine art, candles, handmade jewelry, fiber arts, pottery, and more, will be available for sale. There will be live music, and locally-grown food will be available too. I'll see you at the food trucks.

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