We've been hearing about drone delivery for a long time, but so far, I haven't seen any around Connecticut. If you're are a student at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, it has begun.

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A fleet of automated delivery drones called KiwiBots are up and running on the SCSU campus, and they're delivering munchies to all of the hangry students. Here's a video that the University put up on social media.

According to SCSU, Southern is the first public University in Connecticut to offer robotic delivery. What's up with that UConn Storrs? Western Connecticut State University? SCSU does have a big campus, it sprawls across 171 acres, but UConn Storrs is 4,076 acres, and WCSU is on a combined 364 acres.

Kiwi Campus is a Columbian-owned company that was founded in 2016. Their automated robots are heated and insulated, so in theory your food should retain a decent amount of warmth on the trip from the restaurant to your home. In order to use the service you have to download an app called Everyday, where you can track the robot in real time. KiwiBot advertises a 25 minute or less delivery time, and there's an upgraded subscription service called KiwiBot Superhero.

I think it's a great idea, but I would be worried about temperature loss on hot products, especially pizza. I'll order a grinder for my first time, not a steaming order of calamari. The Bots are about the size of an average cooler on wheels, and they appear to be able to hold a decent amount of food and beverages. Good idea? Or first step of the end of human food delivery jobs?

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