I've tried to warn you, it's really starting to happen. Pickleball courts are showing up everywhere in Connecticut. Beware - Your former peaceful evening is going to be interrupted soon by the sound of thousands of paddle whacks, unless you follow my hometown's lead. Be Like Torrington.

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While most cities and towns in Connecticut plan and open new facilities for "America's fastest growing recreational sport' Pickleball, Torrington is going back to a game that has roots in the Roman Empire. Bocce originated in 18th century Italy, and according to a press release from the City of Torrington, today,(Monday, October 30, 2023) is the grand opening of the city's new bocce ball court. The new court, located on the grassy area of Fuessenich Park, will officially open to the public following the grand opening ceremony at 1PM.

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Bocce is a simple recreational sport that is much quieter to play than pickleball. If you're not familiar, here's a quick 'How to' video from YouTube -

The surface of most of the great backyard bocce courts that I've played on around here use something that we have an abundance of in Connecticut - crushed Oyster shells. Sand, crushed granite, and artificial turf is also used for the playing surface, but a level surface is most important.


Every day this year, a town in Connecticut has made the proud announcement that their Parks & Rec Department have finally finished converting the old tennis courts to 8 pickleball courts. I'm proud that Torrington has decided to keep it's pickleball courts where they belong - inside the YMCA.

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