Have you ever seen a moose while you were driving? It's terrifying. There's no way you or your vehicle will escape unharmed if you hit one. If you're headed up to Bradley International Airport over the next few days to fly out for spring break, be aware, a moose has been spotted nearby

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The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection(CT DEEP) has just issued a motorist advisory on CT.Gov giving us a head's up that a moose has been spotted around Rt. 20 in East Granby. If you've ever been to Bradley, Rt. 20 is the connector that you take off of I-91 at Exit 40 to get to the airport. Motorists fly on 91 and Rt. 20 no matter the time of day in this area, and you should be aware of the consequences.

Moose are massive, males can grow to be over 6 feet tall at the shoulder, and with their massive heads and antlers moose are almost as tall as a 10 foot basketball hoop. Male moose can also weigh up to 1,400 pounds. The CT DEEP doesn't specify the size of the moose spotted in East Granby in their advisory, but trust me, you don't want to hit one.

I've never seen a moose here in Connecticut, but last summer I did wile we were driving through Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. It scared the living poop out of me. My wife and I were driving along in our Subaru Forester, when a massive head appeared along the side of the road around 100 yards in front of us. It took a few seconds for me to realize what I was looking up at. It's weird to look up at an animal while you're sitting in a Subaru by the way. I quickly slammed on our brakes, and the 1,000 pound, 9 foot moose slowly clopped across the street in front of us. If we had hit it? I don't think that I'd be writing this today. Slow down spring breakers, make it to Bradley safely.

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