According to CL Tampa the Sunshine State ranks high with teachers using "Sugar Daddy" dating sites. Seeking Arrangement claims to the the biggest and baddest of all the Sugar Daddy sites out there and they are saying more than 10,000 American teachers are using the site to supplement their low salaries, they go on to say that teachers from Florida make up 10% of that group. Florida was not #1 on the list however, they instead came in fourth behind:

#1 - California

#2 - New York

#3 - Texas

It's time to start paying our teachers more, this is a problem all around the country and it's not a new one. The fact that some have resorted to the "Sugar Daddy" game to make ends meet is problematic. Why isn't Matt Damon talking about "Sugar Daddy" sites as they relate to fair pay for our teachers?

How bout Florida? Florida, you say? They can't even be #1 at hooking up with old dudes for cash and prizes. Florida, you stink, take a bath, do better.



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