Residents of New York and Connecticut have been leaving both states in record numbers to escape rising taxes. The exodus is no secret to any resident of either state but there has been an interesting anomaly that has appeared in recent metrics relating to residency.

According to CT News Junkie, Storage Cafe recently released new numbers from their search platform that indicate a rise in New York residents are leaving and going to CT to settle right here in Fairfield County.

In 2018, Connecticut welcomed 84,718 new residents, 24,361 of those residents left New York to move to Connecticut. Fairfield County was far and away the #1 destination in the State for new arrivals.

I guess it makes sense, there are counties in New York where taxes are higher than what a person may pay in Fairfield County, CT. Those folks could move away from some of that rising cost in the Empire State, hop over the line to Connecticut and do it without disrupting their employment.

While the jump from New York to Connecticut's Fairfield County may look like a good sign, it does not change the fact that more people left the State than moved here in 2018. I feel like a dude in a horror movie that sees animals and people alike running for their lives in one direction and I slowly walk towards whatever they are running from. Based on the films I've seen with this type of scene, I could be making a grave mistake.

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