Named after a city in the United Kingdom, Danbury, Connecticut was settled by colonists in 1685 when eight families moved from Norwalk and Stamford.

During the American Revolution, Danbury was an important military supply depot for the Continental Army. On April 26, 1777, under Major General William Tryon, the British burned and looted the city.

Danbury is known for the Great Danbury State Fair, held from 1869 until 1981, but it's also known as the Hat City because, in the 1920s, Danbury, Connecticut, was producing the most hats in the world.

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The personal finance website Wallethub named Danbury the 10th most diverse city in the United States, and the real estate website, Movoto named Danbury the third best place to live in Connecticut. But, again, let me remind you that Danbury is only a 75 minute drive into New York City.

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