In this age of immediate gratification, do you think that you could endure waiting 5 years for a major roadway project to be completed? Residents of Norfolk, and Rt. 44 commuters in Northwest Connecticut will have to do just that.

We should be used to the amount of time it takes to move mountains or replace bridges in Connecticut. In Waterbury, the Mixmaster reconstruction has been chugging along for years, and the billion dollar makeover of Connecticut's largest bridge - The Gold Star Memorial in Groton/New London, will begin Summer 2025. Thousands of workers are laboring away at those sites, but have you heard what is happening in Norfolk this week?

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has just started work on CT DOT Project 97-95 along RT. 44 in Norfolk, and drivers through the area can expect single-lane travel along Rt. 44 for the next FIVE YEARS as dozens of strong workers stablize a slope and replace retaining walls just to the West of Norfolk's Memorial Green.

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Here's an overview of the project that the Connecticut Department of Transportation posted to YouTube -

Five years to complete a project is tough for anyone to wrap their head around, but if you've never driven along 44 through this stretch, it's easy to overlook how extensive an undertaking this is. Northwest Connecticut has what the rest of Connecticut doesn't - Elevation. Maybe you've seen terrifying videos of landslides destroying neighborhoods on our social media, this project will help homeowners, and the essential artery that RT. 44 is for the CT/Massachusetts/New York-borders area.

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