Waterbury, Connecticut is home to me. I thought I knew every road, every pothole, but I was wrong. Things change, and as time goes on, we move on too. I've lived in Torrington for over a year now, but I went back home over the weekend, and it made me think of 5 things that, like me, I thought would never disappear from Waterbury.

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Institutions or landmarks that have been there our whole lives, businesses that I thought were too big to fail, or were too successful to never fade away, they would be passed to the next generation. I guess everything has a shelf life?

Five Things That I Thought Would Never Disappear From Waterbury

Some things never change in Waterbury. Frankie's will always be on Watertown Avenue, The Horse will always be there waiting for a new bar or restaurant to move in, and Domenick and Pia? We hope those weekly rumors stay rumors. I'm genuinely surprised that these 5 things are gone though.

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5 Fascinating Filthy Rich Financial Stats From CT

There are people who aren't from here that make a lot of assumptions and broad generalizations about the Nutmeg State. When they say we are all just a bunch of rich, country club types I take the time to correct them and give them some of the insider perspective. 

However, the numbers are the numbers and by the book we are a lot of the things they call us. I'm not a wealthy person, I never attended a private school, I did not go to an elite east coast University and I've never been a member of a country club. However, examining the financial stats from Connecticut makes me feel like I must have made a few missteps along the way. There is an ungodly amount of money in this state. Here are 5 Fascinating Filthy Rich Financial Stats from CT. 

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