What's the advertising phrase that bothers you the most? "Hurry in, before it's too late?" When they leave in the 'W.W.W.' before the website? The one that gets me every time is "conveniently located." Isn't everything in this world 'conveniently located?' Some are. I can think of 5 Connecticut businesses that I'm never worried about going to for whatever reason.

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Not enough parking? Located right next to a dump? You have to drive through the traffic for Elephant's Trunk to get there? There are many reasons why patronizing certain inconveniently located businesses is a pain in the ass. Here's a list of 5 places around Connecticut that I've never been able to come up with an excuse for not wanting to go there.

Five of Connecticut's 'Most Conveniently Located' Businesses

It's the advertising phrase that drives me nuts "Conveniently located near....' Isn't everything conveniently located? Not all the time, some businesses have land, or lots of parking, or are fully staffed. Here are 5 businesses around Connecticut that I've never groaned about having to drive to

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