A fisherman off the coast of Rhode Island got the surprise of his life when he pulled up his fishing net.

According to the NewsTimes, fisherman Michael Lorello was hauling in his catch three-quarters of a mile off Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island when he spotted the Great White!

Inside his net was a 6' long Great White shark flippin' and floppin' and showing off his teeth and proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he was very much alive.

Lorello has been a fisherman going on 20 years and hauling in a shark was a first-time experience. How big was it? Lorello estimated the shark weighed in at between 400 to 500 pounds.

If you take another look at the video, you can obviously tell this shark was all sorts of pissed off by allowing himself to be caught in a net knowing that all of his shark buddies would be making fun of him for years to come. But best of all, after about 10 minutes, the fishermen returned the shark to where it belonged, in the sea. Bravo gentlemen!

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