I really like the new shopping mall in Norwalk, the SoNo Collection. I took a ride down yesterday with Mrs. Large, this was my third trip to the shopping destination since the holidays.

Stores and places to eat are slowly opening up in the Sono Collection. I noticed that the Apple store is now bustling and open for business. Apple stores are everywhere now, but I took a walk into the very first Amazon 4-star store that I had ever been in before, and I snapped a couple of pics to share with you.

Photo by Large "Retail King" Dave

From the outside looking in, the store is bustling, as busy, if not more, than an Apple store. The products are displayed all around the location, organized by age, gender, and trends, among other things.

Photo by Large "Northeast Boy" Dave

The criteria for a product being carried in these stores is that the average customer review gave the product four stars. There's a little bit of every product in this store too, very much a general merchandise store that represents the gigantic Amazon product selection. There is something for everyone in this store.

Photo by Large "Childlike" Dave

The store also offers discounted prices on most of the products sold to Amazon Prime members. If you're going to the store, and you're a Prime member, make sure to bring your phone, and look for the red price along the bottom of the sticker, that's the Prime Membership Price.

I was in the market for a new reusable water bottle, so I picked up the highly rated Contigo Autoseal Chill Stainless Steel water bottle. I received 24% off the ticketed price with my Prime membership, not too shabby.

Photo by Large "Hydrated" Dave
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