It's been a busy week in Waterbury along West Main Street. Earlier this week I wrote a blog about the TD Bank being held up at 2 West main in downtown, and new just broke about another unique event happening along West Main Street in the Brass City.

According to, someone in Waterbury captured a photo of a pig eating grass along West Main Street by the intersection of Kalamazoo Avenue. IF you know Waterbury, this may seem very odd, because there really isn't anything resembling a farm anywhere near this area of the city. The closest things that I could narrow it down to is maybe it escaped from New Moon II right before Mr. Tony chopped it up and turned it into spare ribs or pork Lo Mein?

Or maybe the poor little piggy was being raised in Waterbury Hospital's secret laboratory, being grown for human heart valves, or savory pork chops for the convalescing?

We'll maybe never know, because this little piggy was last seen headed towards downtown Waterbury. Downtown Waterbury is not known to be swine-friendly.


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