Have you ever found a dead critter in your pool? It's so sad, all I can think about is how scared it was and how horrible it must have been to drown. If you're as sick as I am of finding victims in your swimming pool, there's a product out that I thought was a great idea and I wanted to share it while we're in the 3 month window of outdoor swimming in Connecticut.

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I was at my cousin's house in Watertown, they have a beautiful in-ground saltwater pool. While we were sitting in the living room, my niece let out a shriek from the backyard. A small snake had somehow found its way into the pool and was slithering around frantically, trying to find something, anything, that could catch its scales. My cousin grabbed a shovel, scooped the scared little Garter Snake out, and let it go near the tree line.

We were talking afterwards about how many little dead critters that had met their fate in his pool and how bad my niece felt for the poor animals. We were looking around for a piece of wood to lean on the steps, and started Googling products trying to find a pool ramp or something along those lines. I came across an article that my friend Ashley shared from totallythebomb.com about a product that is tailor-made for this exact sad situation.

Swimline FrogLog via Amazon
Swimline FrogLog via Amazon

That's a photo of the Swimline FrogLog Animal Escape Ramp. It's available on Amazon, and it only costs $17. It's basically a manufactured lily pad, with features that Mother Nature sometimes forgets, like a textured ramp that frogs, moles, mice, snakes and other small creatures can use to haul themselves over the rim of the pool.

Reading some of the customer reviews from Amazon, this particular device is built for small animals. But, there are larger versions of this product with different materials from different manufacturers that can handle a dog, cat, or even a wayward beaver. A really nice video that a customer posted shows a gaggle of baby ducks using the FrogLog to follow their mom out of a pool.

If your skimmer is loaded with bodies, or your kid's room is in view of the pool, search Swimline FrogLog on Amazon and give that poor frog another chance at eating the damn fly that keeps buzzing around your face.

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