According to Screen Crush, the legend of the Danbury Trashers is headed to Netflix in August.

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The long-awaited documentary will feature interviews with Jimmy Galante and others with knowledge of the infamous UHL Hockey team that once were the kings of the Hat City.

The story of the Trashers is part of a documentary series called "Untold." The episode about the Trashers debuts on August 31.

This is the episode description listed by Screen Crush:

Directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way, UNTOLD reveals the story of a misfit band of hockey players known as the Trashers, who were taking orders from the teenage son of an alleged mob boss.

I know both Jimmy and AJ Galante, I know they currently are not allowed to speak with the press about the project just yet, but when they are given the green light to do so, they will appear first on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I95 to promote the film.

This was an interesting time period in Danbury, seemingly everyone in our local area had some connection to the Trashers or their ownership. I remember, I was the Production Director at I95 and produced almost every commercial the Trashers ran on our station while they were in existence.

At some point, I can't remember exactly when, the local press released police wire taps of Galante. I listened out of curiosity and was delighted to hear Jimmy say in the tapes that we had done a great job with the new I95/Trashers commercials.

It's the little things that I appreciate, like a compliment on wire taps that I was never intended to hear.

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