Anyone who has a teenage boy living in their home has played "Find the Smell" before.

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The game is simple, you look for the source of a foul smell. Many times the source is rotting food, other times it is dirty gym socks but no matter where the stench comes from, the game is tremendously frustrating.

The State of Connecticut is just coming off its own bout of "Find the Smell" but we have not found the cause. According to NBC CT, social media was inundated with posts about a mystery smell and residue in the state. Residents didn't necessarily say the odor was unpleasant but certainly abnormal. There were also reports of an odd residue on people's cars.

So, what was it? Many people were guessing the smell and residue may have come from chemicals from the train derailment in Ohio a few weeks ago. NBC CT's Chief Meteorologist said the residue is likely from the dust storm in the plains last week but experts do not have solid answers on the smell.

I think we should figure this out as a community. I've provided, what I believe to be some reasonable causes for you to choose from.

We were speculating about this on the Monday (2/20/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show. My colleague Large Dave guessed the Naugatuck River was somehow to blame. You can hear some of that conversation below.

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P.S. Back in 2021, Ranker did a list of the most offensive smell, this was their Top 10:

1. Decaying Animal

2. Sewage

3. Vomit

4. Human Feces

5. Dog Anal Gland Discharge

6. Dirty Diapers

7. Rotten Eggs

8. Cat Urine

9. Person Who Won't Shower

10. Dog Feces

Look, this list is phenomenal but there is at least one glaring problem, cat urine. Cat urine is a force and should be treated as such. I could go as high as #4 for cat urine.

CT Event Center Will Welcome 13 of the Biggest Celebrities of the 90s

Every decade is remembered in snapshots, for it's news stories, music, movies and entertainers. In the 90's, we were being introduced to a lot of new ideas and fresh faces. The following 13 people will always be synonymous with the 90's and it is one of the reasons we love them. 

Wait, did I mention they're all coming to CT in March? These 90's personalities will be featured guests at 90's Con on March 17, 18 and 19 at the Connecticut Convention Center. 

Fascinating Images of the Bunkers + Rubble From an Abandoned Missile Site in CT

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Recently, I found a Youtube video that gives a visual tour of a decommissioned missile sit in CT, located in both Portland & Glastonbury, CT in the Meshomasic State Forest. The video was posted by “Adventures in Melancholy” and the host does a great job of explaining exactly what we are looking at. The following photos are from the video and they are of the Hartford site, meaning it was intended to defend Hartford, CT.
Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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