There's some serious dissension between two of the oldest towns in Connecticut.

The towns of Windsor and Whethersfield are fighting over which town is the oldest. Fighting may be an overreach on my part. Let's just say there's a disagreement between the two towns.

Windsor is about 7 miles north of Hartford and Whethersfield  is about 6 miles south of Hartford. Both towns date back to the 1600s. They are both claiming they are the oldest English settlement in the state.

According to the, an archeology dig in Whethersfield  has unearthed some very old artifacts which have reignited the "oldest town" argument once again. Bottom line, Whethersfield  legally got their permission to be a town in May of 1635 and Windsor got their permission in June of 1635. End of story, right? Not really!

Here's the deal, the archeological dig in Whethersfield  uncovered 20,000 items dating all the way back to the 1630s including coins, ceramics, and trade goods. Windsor countered with written records including colonists diaries proving they are the oldest settlement in Connecticut.

My suggestion on how to settle this once and for all is to find the oldest relative with ties to the 1630s from each town and have them wrestle in the town square. The town resident who can stay on his feet wins the "oldest settlement in Connecticut" contest for their town.

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