Well, if the shoe fits...

A man from Salem, Ore. named Fellony Hudson appeared in court last week on charges of felony kidnapping, felony eluding, felony possession of a stolen vehicle. For good measure, he was also charged with four misdemeanor, but, really, who cares about that?

Our friend Fellony, 22, is facing his legal troubles after police received word that a woman was being assaulted in a car that had been reported stolen. Fellony, who had been driving erratically, was behind the wheel and led police on a chase.

Authorities say they Fellony was trying to stop the woman -- believed to be his ex-girlfriend -- who was trying to jump out of the car while it was moving.

And guess what? Fellony told police he uses meth every day and that he was high when he was hauled to jail. In addition, he admits to using heroin every week.

Hmm, we can't help but think he may spend some time in the slammer with his buddy, Attempted Homicide Williams.

Take a look at the face only a mother who knew her son was in for a life of crime could love below.

Fellony Hudson
Multnomah County Sheriffs Office

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