After spending years of brewing craft beer as a hobby, this father and son from Redding have decided to go pro.

Jim Baulsir and his son, David, have been kicking around different recipes and have been making their own beer since 2014. Even in their wildest dreams, they never thought they would take their love of the suds to the next level. That "next level" will become a reality when The Redding Beer Company opens to the public in three to four weeks, according to the Danbury Daily Voice.

Jim's an IT guy full time and his son goes to Norwalk Community College, but as they got better at the brewing process, friends and family were diggin' their beer. From there, they began entering their craft beer in different competitions and they were winning!

Jim got so hyped up about his hobby, that he took a 23-week program at the American Brewers Guild in Vermont and earned his official certificate in brewing. That was the jumping off point for Jim and his son David to start up their brewery. Jim told the Daily Voice:

We're looking to produce a more subtle easier to drink beer along the lines of New England IPA.

Now you're talkin' my kind of beer!

The Redding Beer Company is located at 7 Main St. in Redding where Aranci 67 used to be. To find out when they open and they can officially pour you a cold one, click on Redding Beer Company or check out their Facebook page.

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