There is nothing quite as good as locally grown fruits and vegetables. A local area tradition returns again, with its opening this weekend.

Growing up in Danbury I remember my mom buying huge planters so she could grow tomatoes in our back yard. I think she didn't want to bug my dad to dig her a big garden, but she sure went crazy with numerous varieties of tasty tomatoes. I'm a condo dweller myself, so I gravitate to farmers markets to get my locally grown veggies, fruits and more.

So let me share the news with you that - It's Back! 

The Danbury Farmer's Market opens for the season on Saturday, June 23rd. Featuring all the fabulous produce you've come to love, plus new vendors. And throughout the season there will be dates for food demos and nutrition workshops, as well as a health and fitness day.

Every Saturday through October 20th, the market will be open from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., so make sure to take a stroll around over and over again to enjoy all of the offerings. And in case you didn't know, complimentary parking is available in the Patriot garage and free bus passes available.

A fantastic resource is the website for the market which is 

Here's a great tip. If you can't make it to the market on any given Saturday, you can always go to the Facebook page for the Danbury Farmer's Market for updates on some vendors.

The CityCenter Danbury Farmer's Market is located on the Danbury Green

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