You have to admit, the Summer of 2023 has been a pretty good one. Sure, we've had extremes of humidity and temperature, but while the rest of the United States has been in the 90-100+ Degree range, Danbury has been a comfy 70-85 usually. Does that mean that we're getting the cold stuff early this year? According to the 2023 Farmer's Almanac, we're seven weeks away from the Hat City's first Fall frost.

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According to the Almanac's Frost Date Calculator, Danbury, Connecticut has it's last Spring frost on April 26, 2023. Using Climate Normals from NOAA from 1991-2020, the Almanac has predicted (with an admitted 30% reliability) that Danbury's first Fall frost will occur on Saturday, October 14, 2023. That's 7 weeks from tomorrow. While the San Gennaro Festival rages on, realize that you only have 7 more Saturdays to enjoy before have to bring your tender veggies and flowers inside.

We only have 7 more Fridays to show off our Plaque-Psoriacis-free skin at fun places like the car show at the War Memorial next weekend, or walk through Down The Hatch in our shorts and a t-shirt.

The Almanac truly does a good job hedging their calculation, saying that their Frost Date Calculator is an estimate based on number-crunching data from NOAA, and the possibility and probability of a frost (Air temp of 32 F or below) before or after October 14, 2023 exists. The other interesting stat is that the Almanac has predicted that Danbury's growing season will be 170 days for 2023. What can you brew up in seven weeks?

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