It's been happening gradually, and I've kept my eye out waiting for the answer.

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There were new improvements made everyday to the exterior of the building and just yesterday, as I was taking the picture above, they were hanging their sign. Farmboys Smokin' Bar-Bar-B-Q is open at 30 South Street in Danbury, CT in the Old Michael's II location.

I did not get a hot tip or any kind of a heads up, but I've kept my eye on this location since the closing of Michaels II. I thought this would be a prime location for just the right tenant and this certainly sounds like it could work.

They have the smoker setup in a tent out back.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

And enough wood to keep that hot for awhile.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

According to their Facebook page, Farmboys Smokin' Bar-B-Q will make southern-style BBQ, believe it or not.

As for how open they are, the doors are not fully swinging yet. This is the message on their Facebook page:

"Open limited days/hours this week-including MONDAY 4/18 open for dinner 4:30-8!!!! Come on down if you’re craving some yummy BBQ! Excited to see ya’ll! Reservations encouraged (see link!) Bar seating open as well!"
This was a catering business before opening this location, and if their website is any indication, the food will be amazing. I created a bit of a germ-situation after licking my screen while on the site.
The site says the Pitmaster behind the amazing food is Matt Lombardo from Charleston, South Carolina. They describe his background and work with the following:
"Matt has been serving up his southern style slow-cooked smoked BBQ catering since 2012.  His award-winning meats are smoked in savory hickory for up to 20 hours & served up with succulent sides such as his famous smoked mac & cheese.  Paired up with his homemade bbq sauces makes the most mouth watering delights."
Call 203-788-9772 for reservations or to order from their catering menu.
P.S. My apologies to the staff for blowing the whistle so soon, I'm excitable and I just want you to have a strong start. As soon as I'm not in the way, I'll be down with my family to get in the way, make a mess and eat a ton. We live right down the road.

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