Next week is Black Friday, the day where every merchant in trots out their best deals for the holiday season in order to lure us in. It's getting tougher and tougher for me to get excited lately, a $20 Minecraft plushie? Really? So I started fantasizing about deals around Connecticut that would actually make me get up and go.

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Can you imagine if Pepe's Black Friday deal was buy 1, get 1 on white clam pies? Or Stew Leonard's sold private, overnight shopping trips for insomniacs? None of these deals would ever happen, but we can dream.

Fantasy Black Friday Deals That I Really Want Around Connecticut

Have Black Friday deals gotten a bit stale? Honestly, a $75 dollar 40 inch tv will not make me leap off the couch at 5AM anymore, but if they were offering 2 Porterhouse Steaks at Big Y, you would set your alarm, right? I started thinking about Black Friday deals that would actually make me wake up and shop around Connecticut.

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Again, none of these are real. I just wish they were.

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