There's a thirst for waffles in Connecticut, a deep, syrupy thirst. I've begged my sweet Waffle House to come closer to us than Scranton, Pennsylvania, but they haven't. You know who has just planted some sweet waffle kisses on Connecticut? Waffle Cabin.

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While Waffle House is more like a diner, with a full menu of breakfast items, Waffle Cabin serves up one thing - authentic Liege Waffles. Us common folk call them Belgian Waffles, and the buttery dough is then covered with a wide variety of decadent toppings. You may have seen the Waffle Cabin truck in Ridgefield, but just recently they've opened up a store front in South Windsor's Evergreen Walk. If you've hit the slopes at any ski resort over the past couple of decades, you're familiar with that incredible scent wafting from a Waffle Cabin griddle.

Waffle Cabin is a New England original, founded in Boston as a push cart, and originally named Waffle Haus in 1998, that is, until they got successful and tried to trademark the name to it's very similar major competitor. According to founder Peter Creyf, they started in Boston, franchised to ski resorts all across New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan and now? Ridgefield, Fairfield County, and South Windsor, Connecticut.

The Waffle Cabin menu is filled with a nice selection of specialty waffles, like the usual suspects - Nutella, S'Mores, and Oreos. But I really love the classic strawberry and cream, and Waffle Cabin's looks really good.

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