As you may recall, the famous murder of 65-year-old New Milford man, Everett Carr, made national coverage after he was gruesomely killed in December of 1985. The case received widespread coverage due to the severity of his injuries. Carr was stabbed 27 times, had his throat slashed and his skull crushed.

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The two convicted for the murder, Sean Henning and Ricky Birch, were both 17 and 18 years old at the time. The only real evidence linking them to the murder, was prosecutors who believed it was a burglary gone wrong. Famous forensic expert, Henry Lee, who was also a witness on O.J Simpson's murder case, believed it was possible Henning and Birch committed the murder, based on an eventually false testimony about blood stains on a towel, that were later proven not be be blood.

When the murder was further investigated, attorneys were calling for a new trial, or to exonerate them altogether. This murder made it onto a podcast series titled 'The Tape Room' when Birch wanted to air out the story of his conviction from where he sees it. The story also made it onto Fox 5 NY. You can see more information about it here.

According to the Associated Press, as of today, July 10, all charges against Henning and Birch have been dismissed by a Connecticut Superior Court Judge. Birch served over 30 years in prison for felony murder, and Henning was granted probation in 2018, due to new rules for teenage offenders, since he was 17 at the time of the murder. Judge Dan Shaban ruled that there is no need for any further investigation.

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