It took seven fire departments to get control of a huge fire that destroyed a Bridgewater home in the late night hours of June 21.

Thank God all the occupants of the home survived. According to the News Times, all that was left the following morning was a pile of rubble. The homeowner, 87-year-old Alison Wells had to be rescued by family members who used a ladder to get up to her second floor bedroom. The fire had already engulfed the front door to the house making it impassable. Three other family members were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and were treated and released. Alison was also taken to the hospital where she's in stable condition.

The fire department had a tough time getting to the house as they tried to maneuver the 2,000 foot dirt road driveway. Alison's husband, Stanleigh Wells, built the home back in 1968. He passed away five years ago to the day the fire consumed his family's home. Alison's adult son, Keith, stopped by on the morning after the fire and sadly explained to the News Times:

I come home this morning and my mother's house is gone. I'm glad they're all alive, but it's all gone. Everything I made for my mother - gone. It was a nice place for a kid to grow up.

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