According to the News Times, the NYPD got a call about a loose tiger in Harlem on Thursday night. Panicked citizens were responding to twitter alerts that the tiger was out there. Police say there was an animal on the loose, but it was no tiger — it was a raccoon.

That's fun, at least for a short while, everyone in Harlem had to consider what they might have to do should they encounter a tiger on the streets. I mean, if you know the thing is coming from twitter alerts, you stay the hell in your house. However, if you happen upon it in the street without any warning, it may take you a while to believe your own eyeballs. This would cause you to be unprepared for battle.

What animal would be the scariest to encounter on a city street? I'll go in this order:

1 - Tiger - No doubt, it would be scared and agitated, which means it's going to get aggressive.

2 - Bear - Why is there a bear in Harlem? Disturbing thought. You are processing the information, and BOOM, you are mauled.

3 - Cobra - Nothing says fear like a snake. Plus, anti-venom is not cheap.

P.S. Tiger in Harlem is a great name for a rock song. 

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