Was this girl channeling Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction?

You just never know what really gets into people. What anger, jealousy, perceived slight, or plain old wrong-doing that makes them do weird things.

According to thehour.com, one young woman from Fairfield, Connecticut is no stranger to run-ins with the law. Norwalk police say 20-year-old Emilee Brezina was charged after a warrant was issued for harassment and stalking when she allegedly sent hundreds of text messages to a former roommate. The male victim told police that the messages where both threatening and harassing.

The story added that according to court records, Brezina is currently on probation and has several felony convictions, including assault on a peace officer on two separate occasions. She's been charged with third degree stalking and second degree harassment. Her bail was set at $10,000.

Allegedly, the dust up with the ex-roommate is over a vehicle used without permission. If that's the case, it opens the issue up to a whole new world of trouble, don't you think?

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