Maybe "disorganized" is unfair, I wasn't in on the meetings or discussions that led to how this intersection was laid out.

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Maybe this intersection was picture perfect for its day and the volume it handled, but it's no longer any good for anyone who has to turn here. What you are looking at is Main Street Danbury and the picture above was taken from Elmwood Park and pointed North.

If you are not that familiar with Downtown Danbury, this area is on the southern end of Main Street closer to Rogers Park than to the highway (I-84) entrances and exits. It is an intersection I use everyday and it's a bucket of yuck.

Examine One of Danbury's Most Disorganized + Dangerous Turns

Nothing to see here just an impossible turn, setup in a nonsensical fashion that leads to chaos and confusion behind the wheel in the Hat City. Danbury residents are infamous for their complaints about our roadways because there is plenty to complain about. I'd like to add to that long and distinguished list by pointing out a disastrous turn Downtown. Let us examine one of Danbury's Most Disorganized + Dangerous turns.

In fairness to our leadership and/or those in charge of our traffic patterns, you'll notice I provided no solutions, I just listed problems. So, yeah I don't know what should be done here, I just know it's not working for me. I'll be OK with any solution that is safe and is NOT a roundabout.

P.S. I called this intersection "dangerous" and that is my opinion. Should someone get a hair across their butt and provide data to suggest otherwise, good for them and you. You can read that data, tell me how little I know and then I'll take you for a walk down Main Street and we can see with our eyes.

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