We are all going to get through this thing that has upended the planet (COVID-19). We will get through it by choosing to stay calm, occupy our minds, limit exposure and be kind. This is not a time to panic, hoard, price gouge, riot, loot or steal.

I was keeping a sharp eye on the news over the weekend and there were two kinds of stories available. There were stories about people acting like animals and/or using this virus as an excuse or way to take advantage of others. There were also stories about people being extremely creative with their time and finding ways to interact with others that were healthy and kept everyone at a safe distance.

This was my favorite video or piece of news from the weekend. This video popped up on my Instagram feed, it comes out of Seville, Spain where folks there found a way to gather as a community and exercise all while staying a safe distance from one another.

Then there were stories like this one where a person in Las Vegas went into a Wal-Mart dressed in a hazmat suit and sprayed things with a mystery liquid. That's exactly the kind of thing that makes the situation worse and scary. We need to be able to trust one another right now to behave a certain way to get through this nonsense.

So before you do anything over the next few months ask yourself a question, what kind of a person do I want to be? The kind that uses creativity and has an eye toward careful productivity like the folks in Spain or the kind that dresses in a hazmat suit to scare people? If most of decide we want to be like the group in Spain we will make it through to the other side and be fine. I believe that most people are inherently good and that the right choices will be made, I think we are going to be OK.

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