I just got a little offended after reading Beachfix.com's opinion of the 15 best beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, every state in New England made their list, except Connecticut. Why don't our beaches get any national or regional respect?

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Every time I've taken someone to an ocean beach for the first time here, they initially love it, then ask 'Hey, is that an island? What's that?' Yep, It's the uninterrupted ocean-view-blocking Long Island. It ruins those infinite-horizon ocean views that everyone loves all the way from Greenwich to Stonington. I used to think Long Island was England when I was a kid. Now I just think it ruins the good waves that truly make surrounding state's beaches great. Compare the waves at Connecticut's Hammonasset beach, and Rhode Island's Misquamicut - 2 footers vs 5 footers. Water quality too, the water at Misquamicut has that light ocean blue, not the brown-green of the Sound.

Anyway, Beachfix.com's 15 Best Atlantic Beaches include many of our neighbors: Cape May, New Jersey, Jetties Beach on Nantucket, Crescent Beach on Block Island, East Hampton, NY's Main Beach, and Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, and Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine. Hmmmm, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York are all represented. I speak on behalf of Connecticut Beachfix.com when I say 'Hi'.

I think if they took a better look at Rocky Neck Beach in East Lyme, Compo Beach in Westport, and Ocean Beach in New London, we could have nudged Hampton Beach off the list. What's it going to take to get some beach buzz and that sweet tourism money Connecticut?

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