Just when you thought your heating bills couldn't go any higher, Eversource says you ain't seen nothing yet.

I think we can all agree that when you get your Eversource bill each month, it's like getting punched in the gut. Most of us do a double take at the cost and wonder how can it go any higher.

Well Eversource pretty much answered that question when they sent out a warning to their customers that our heating bills would be "higher then normal" this winter.

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Right now, the amount most of us pay each month is no where near normal, so when they say higher then normal, just how high is high?

According to nbcconnecticut.com, the utility company did provide some insight saying that if your an Eversource customer, it is possible to see your bill increase by 14% or $30 dollars in the month of November, compared to what your average bill was during the same time last year. They also said they are expecting to see an increase with the December rate as well, and increased rates throughout the course of the heating season.

In what appeared to be a glimmer of hope, the company did say that the price can incrementally change throughout the season due to the rates being adjusted monthly, but if you read between the lines this can only mean one thing, spikes all winter long.

So aside from their now infamous delivery charge, what's causing the spike in rates?  In their statement to customers, an Eversource executive blamed supply constraints, extreme weather, and other challenges related to the pandemic that has been driving up natural gas prices around the globe, and asked customers to have options to better manage their energy consumption to help pay their energy bills.

In other words, you're pretty much on your own, and no matter what you do, you're still going to see a whopping high bill each month as we go through the colder winter season.

The company did offer options like some of the assistance programs available in the state including choices like UniteCT, and COVID-19 payment plans, but those options will only be available for a limited time. For more choices the company suggests visiting their Energy Saving Tips page on their website.

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