I just watched a couple of fun videos shot around Connecticut on YouTube that you really have to watch if you were, or still are, an Evel Knievel fan. We may have lost Evel in 2007, but his spirit lives on in Terryville, Hamden, Shelton, and Fairfield, so far.

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I haven't met you yet mrcool665 on YouTube, but it appears that like you, the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle was one of our favorite toys. I had such a vivid flashback watching these videos, of a bunch of friends getting together to push the limits of what our toys could do. Wasn't it a thrill to see this little hunk of plastic fly over you, inches away from your face? How many items that you can make it over? I never took it as far as mrcool665 and his friends though, and it seems that they like to perform out in public.

That was the most impressive video, Lil' Evel flying over five guys and a bunch of miniature vehicles is a memory that I didn't know that I needed today. I just love their spirit, still playing like kids in bars, parties, and Rumble in the Country in Terryville. Here's another jump that happened at a birthday party in Hamden.

I love seeing the reaction on people's faces as Lil' Evel rips up and over them. One last one was shot in Shelton at the Orchard Fest

Nice job mrcool665, I'm going to start my Vintage Stunt Cycle search this weekend.

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