This guy. I don't hate his face, of course, I love his face. This is my way of saying I love you, man. Also, I hate his face.

Who do I think I am? My face is whack. I just wanted to see him feel all shiny -- like a new penny.

The best part is that the poor woman that did Ethan's facial wanted to stab me in the neck. I could see it in her face. It took us like two hours to film this, and this poor lady had to endure a lot of my "sense of humor." What she does not know is, we need a lot of footage to be able to work through, and that is our relationship. We say nasty things to each other and no one gets hurt. This poor woman had to listen to me say one nasty thing after another.

Thanks to Dawn's Pizazz over on West St. in Danbury for taking care of us. I will be back to get a gift certificate for my wife. Great place, highly skilled people, and the best spa service you can get.

You, yourself, can enter to win a Dawn's Pizzazz gift card for your Valentine by clicking the contest link below.

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