Here's my story ... I really WAS born with my two bottom front teeth. At the age of 13, my dentist attempted to take a set of x-rays, which was difficult because I was a "gagger" back then.

Anytime a dentist tried to place any kind of dental instrument in my mouth, I would begin to gag. My dentist hated me. I would get so nervous before my dental appointment, I would throw up in the bushes in front of his office, but I'm not writing to talk about my gagging reflex.

Ethan's Phone
Ethan's Phone

Back to my two front teeth.

I found out I'm a freak of nature, because there were no "big boy" teeth underneath to replace my two front baby teeth. Once they fell out, as baby teeth do, there is now a chasm which is attractively illustrated in the photo.

I'm tired of that gaping hole in my mouth especially when I see a photo of myself showing it off unintentionally.

Basically, a simple tooth implant can run between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on which tooth/teeth are being replaced. In my case we're looking at two dental implants to the tune of $3,000 to $6,000, which is cost prohibitive because insurance will not cover cosmetic dentistry.

I've taken it upon myself to selfishly start up an "It's all about me" GoFundMe campaign to get the work done. Yeah, I'm a little embarrassed by my narcissistic behavior, but I'm pretty sure I still have 10 good years left!

Help a brotha out! You can donate by clicking my campaign widget below:



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