What does the German airship that crashed and burned in 1937 have to do with Led Zeppelin?

The name of that airship, the Hindenburg had a role in the naming of Led Zeppelin. You might remember that the cover of the first Led Zeppelin album is a cropped photo of the disastrous landing of the Hindenburg from 1937 in New Jersey. To make a long story even longer, Hindenberg, The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Musical Showcase is rockin' the legendary Poughkeepsie rock club, The Chance on Friday, March 10 and the notable Connecticut singer/songwriter, Ethan James and his band, Easy Street will be opening the show! Get your tickets in advance by messaging Ethan James directly via his Facebook Page.

For all you Eagle's fans, Ethan James and his band, Easy Street will also be opening the show for 'Hotel California: A Salute to the Eagles' on Sunday, March 19 at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

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