Although the concept of the joke is simple, it's not always easy to get the desired result. You need to be a top-notch actor (like myself) to pull this off.

You can play it a few ways --  as if you are seeing something or you smell something. There's actually a million ways to play it, but I have found those two to be the most effective. You need to say, "What's that? What is that? Is that 'Updog?'" The point is to get the other person in the conversation to say, "What's Updog?"

If you get 'em, you laugh and laugh and laugh. Well, I got Ethan Carey this morning for the third time and it was glorious. In all my excitement, I forgot to hit 'em back with, "Nothing, what's up with you?" I just could not believe what I was hearing. Three times? Three times in one life?

What's particularly great, is that it's not the first time. I got him years ago for the first time. I was such a fan of this joke, our intern, at the time, bought me an "Updog" t-shirt. I wore it every Friday for weeks hoping to spark Ethan's interest and it finally happened. He went with, "What's the t-shirt? Updog? What is Updog?" Boom, roasted. He went with, "What is up dog?" That's so good.

Some years went by and I did it again. Then, this morning, I saw my opportunity and capitalized. I got him for a world record third time. More proud, I have not been.

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