The last time we did Hat City on Tap, Ethan and I attempted to sample all 100 beers available at the event, but the goal was way too lofty.

When we got to sixteen beers, we gave up, the goal line was way too far off on the horizon. At this year's Hat City on Tap craft beer festival, we set a more manageable challenge number. We would attempt to sample 35 of the 100 beers available. This is how that went:

The hard part was not putting down the beers in the allotted time frame, it was trying to keep our score cards right.

First off, it was not a score card, but a piece of paper. It was soaked in beer in a hurry, and I also learned my handwriting suffered greatly as the challenge went on. My numbers looked less like numbers and more like alien glyphs.

It was a great time, thank you to everyone who attended, and I apologize to those who had to see me dance.

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